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Paintings of this nature have multiple layers of metaphor and meaning which give lessons about the connections between an individual and specific pieces of country (both land and sea), as well as the connections between various clans but also explaining the forces that act upon and within the environment and the mechanics of a spirit’s path through existence.

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Catalogue #: 3320Y
Height: 127cm
Width / Diametre: 72cm
Medium: earth pigments on bark

Djirrirra Wunu\murra


Djirrirra (also known as Yukuwa) assisted her father, Yanggarriny Wunungmurra (1932-2003), in his Telstra Award winning painting of 1997 and continually up until his death in 2003. read more

Gudultja, Gadayka, Wawurritjpal


Artwork Gudultja, Gadayka, Wawurritjpal

H: 93cm W: 31cm

A set of three rocks stand in the mouth of Trial Bay submerged either completely or partially within its waters. read more



Artwork Gurtha

H: 147cm W: 39cm

Rerrkirrwaa has painted her husband’s clan minytji - that of the Gumatj clan. read more

Djirrikitj - Quail


Artwork Djirrikitj - Quail

H: 40cm W: 48cm

Nyapanyapa’s work has been more valued for the spontanaeity and texture of her hand. read more